New Addition to the Regimen

I added a little of something called “Mochatonix” in with the tea. Partly because I love mocha and chocolate, but Mochatonix also has Avantra Z. It provides a pleasant boost to energy, and alertness. those of you don’t know, I have three traumatic brain injuries, two from traffic accidents. So, anything that helps me mentally I will try. THIS WORKS. I can also hold my attention span a little longer than I was used to. It’s also a fat burner!

Mochatonix is also nutritionally balanced and well absorbed by the body.

I can also perform somewhat longer days, which is VERY important as May is National Bike Month, actually EVERY MONTH is for me.

Give Mochatonix a try!!!!!!!!!!!

K Squared Cupcakes

About a year ago, I transferred to what would become my home church, and have been able to associate and befriend many wonderful people, people who are achieving their dreams. It’s not the easiest to do that in these times and days, but when you have ambition, desire, and a product that many people love and you’ve been featured on the TV Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” you’re a BIG HIT, and you create a HUGE following. That’s exactly what my friend Winter Arif did, starting in her home kitchen. Last October, she was blessed to open a shop that’s located across from a commerce park off of Military Highway in Norfolk, Va.

Much more than just cupcakes, she also has cookies, custom cakes and many more delicious, palate pleasing treats! The location also makes a GREAT lunch break stop for workers even in downtown Norfolk, as her shop is walking distance to the light rail station off of Military Highway (the station also features parking.) Her shop has become a destination for all kinds of goodies, and I am proud to have her as a friend, proud of her and to be a part of it as well.

The location is at 5720 Sellger Drive in Norfolk, Va and is WORTH the drive from anywhere! She also has a website, it’s

What I have pictured are her Key Lime Pie Cupcakes and now that I’m writing about them, I want more! THEY ARE TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!