New Addition to the Regimen

I added a little of something called “Mochatonix” in with the tea. Partly because I love mocha and chocolate, but Mochatonix also has Avantra Z. It provides a pleasant boost to energy, and alertness. those of you don’t know, I have three traumatic brain injuries, two from traffic accidents. So, anything that helps me mentally I will try. THIS WORKS. I can also hold my attention span a little longer than I was used to. It’s also a fat burner!

Mochatonix is also nutritionally balanced and well absorbed by the body.

I can also perform somewhat longer days, which is VERY important as May is National Bike Month, actually EVERY MONTH is for me.

Give Mochatonix a try!!!!!!!!!!!

Isotonix OPC-3

I have been taking this for a couple months now, and I have to say that I do feel better than I used to, which I still usually felt pretty good. I still may not have felt every positive effect, however, and am looking forward to more energy and even better health for my new year.

The taste is great, the fact that it comes in chews is convenient for me!


You can read more about OPC 3 here: