New Addition to the Regimen

I added a little of something called “Mochatonix” in with the tea. Partly because I love mocha and chocolate, but Mochatonix also has Avantra Z. It provides a pleasant boost to energy, and alertness. those of you don’t know, I have three traumatic brain injuries, two from traffic accidents. So, anything that helps me mentally I will try. THIS WORKS. I can also hold my attention span a little longer than I was used to. It’s also a fat burner!

Mochatonix is also nutritionally balanced and well absorbed by the body.

I can also perform somewhat longer days, which is VERY important as May is National Bike Month, actually EVERY MONTH is for me.

Give Mochatonix a try!!!!!!!!!!!

An Update on the Detox Tea Results

Over the weekend, I went to the store to buy some pants. I am a difficult person to fit because I’m 6 foot 5 and a bit wide, well, not as wide as I thought now. As I began looking around, the only pants that had my proper length were also a size 38 waist. I was a 42, then a 40. I bought them, without going to the fitting room (I don’t live that far from the store so returns aren’t a problem for me). Anyway, I looked in my closet, saw all my pants were 40 and 42 waist still. I tried them anyway and THEY FIT.


As of today, about six weeks later, I weigh 233 pounds now instead of 250. Room for more cupcakes… lol. Anyway, I do ride a bicycle in addition, for recreation, errands, community events, and commuting. Your metabolism may equal different results. Some will lose faster than me, or slower, but 17 pounds in 6 weeks turns out to be about 2.3 pounds per week. I want to come down only a few more pounds and maintain my weight after. I add fresh mint, and both lemon juice and grated lemon peel to mine as well, to fight free radicals, extra vitamin C, mint has qualities that help you relax, and both mint and lemon help with cognitive function as well. I have three traumatic brain injuries.

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How I began to improve My Health

For almost 30 years of my life, I have been riding a bicycle, I like biking even more than driving a car or taking a train. (I kinda actually don’t like driving.) Anyway, there was a hiatus of about 15 years, due to a motor vehicle accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury.

However, about two years ago, I regained my health enough to return to bicycling. Also about two years ago, I weighed about 255 pounds, and was even heavier prior. A friend introduced me to this product called the TLS Whey Protein Shake, which comes in two flavors (I am sure they’re working on other flavors), vanilla and chocolate, and I have been using the product daily for over a year now. I weigh 245, feel healthier, and it shows, I am able to get my bike up to 20 mph (which is too fast for a sidewalk) again, (used to be able to reach 35-40 mph and maintain that)

The TLS Shake is cheaper than Boost or similar products, plus I no longer need to take vitamin pills in addition, and has ONLY 2 grams of sugar. Other products have much more sugar.

One day I may be able to pedal long distances, right now I can manage nine miles each way (eighteen roundtrip), when I was able to manage 25-30 miles. I want to exceed 25-30 miles.

Now for the day I will be healed from the brain injuries, which is on my to-do list, the best I can!!!!!