About Me: Update.

Well, to start, I am 39 years old.

I am into interracial relationships (#AMBW preferred). I am NOT into long distance relationships. So, Eastern Virginia Hampton Roads/Tidewater & Williamsburg area.

I need someone who will accept me for who I am. I am healing from a disability, and I am a Protestant-type Christian who attends service more than once a week.

I have no children. I do not smoke.

I enjoy cooking, riding my bike (21 speed mountain bike), watching WWE wrestling at friend’s houses, baseball games with nephews, and the beach. I do not desire to stay here. I love music (most genre).

I write. I have published a book. I also work at a local library, and a friend’s bakery. I volunteer at a community garden, that includes chicken care, we have four female Rhode Island red’s. I am rotating off the board of directors for the Hampton Roads Public Transportation Alliance due to term limits (directors are elected), and through the library I do some work with inner city youth. I like to see friends prosper and succeed. I am a member of the men’s ministry at church.

I have a pet parakeet. I am mixed-race, part Japanese, Algonquin Indian, and others. Japanese was from my mother’s side.

Mom passed away in 1998. When I was younger, she was abusive to me. She wasn’t very nice. She played games on dad. We reunited and made up. I’ve had games played on me, but I catch on at some point, and when I do, it’s very ugly… Especially for the person doing it to me. I will fight back and defend myself as needed.

I am a native of Western Massachusetts, and lived also in Illinois.

It’s Part of Life

Well, I have another chapter to add in life.

I had a girlfriend until last Wednesday. I cared about her until last Wednesday too. We met on board a Hampton Roads Transit Bus in 2009. Proudest memory I ever had. But, like everything else related to HRT, it all turns sour at some point.

In 2011 she moved to Georgia (Columbus). (I already been considering moving there since 2007. That’s not changing. I love Atlanta.)

Well, I thought that would be the end of our relationship. It was, eventually. Friends told me I shouldn’t stay with her, that she was using me. I have a big heart. It’s at times larger than my brain. This year, i began to feel things were falling apart (finally). She posted some pictures on her facebook, some of which were truthfully old pictures. I am one who wants my work double checked, and I take pictures of it to prove it was done. She said on November 19th she was homeless with no place to stay. On November 25th, she said she had a place, and a car, and that after several months of trying to lead me to believe her mother had a serious health problem, that that never happened.

So, my friends were right. To some degree, she wasn’t telling the truth to me. So, I wonder when she said “I Love You”, whether or not that was honest.

I was right, also. It fell apart. I do NOT do long distance relationships. She was a neighbor once.

Well, I am disappointed but I am NOT sad. I didn’t shed a tear, I was more like “Gee, what a shock. Oh well.”

I’m not perfect. Far from it. But, I never beat her, like her last boyfriend. I have a disability, but have been healing from that. I always tried, I was good to her throughout even though I wasn’t always nice about it, and often was inconvenienced or rushed already because I have a hectic schedule anyway including two jobs.

I’m too old and grown for the games she played. My late mother did some of those things to my dad. She will probably do the same thing to the next person, if there is one. She does need to grow mentally. I know she is bipolar and all, but it can still be done. She’s not very mature.

It turned out to not be worth it, worst of all to me was the time spent on her (six years), when I could have had someone better, and been able to do better. It happens. I am better off now she’s gone though.