A Healthier Life

I have been taking this product called the TLS Whey protein shake for quite some time. The shake only has 2 grams of sugar, and is more econimcally priced than its counterparts.

Anyway, in 2005, I weighed nearly 300 pounds, and was in like a size 48 waist. No energy. I had ambition yes but no energy. I had wavering confidence that grew faster than my better health.

Today I went to the store to buy new pants, because recently I had to buy a new belt. I ran out of notches in the belt but going the OTHER way lol I AM NOW IN A SIZE 40 and about 235-240 pounds!!!!

All because someone introduced me to Market America Shop.com and thus the TLS shakes, and because I also got enough enerhy back and confidence to ride my bike again!!!! Yes in this horrid Hampton Roads traffic too! About two and a half years now I been riding bikes, the first one only lasted 220 miles and one year because I weighed still about 275, its frame was aluminum and the roads here are crap. This 21 speed mountain bike is a steel frame and in 21 months I’ve racked up about 2,700 miles, several community riding events, and many transportation meetings. First I could never do it without GOD, the ONE AND ONLY OMNIPOTENT, then without the shakes and without the bike!