Cleaning Up My Act Pt 2

Earlier this month, I also ordered some cleaning products, and I ordered a couple extra for church. I got to use one of them on a friends dorm room yesterday, and it COMPLETELY CLEANED his restroom floor so well the tiles sparkled. That was a scouring cleanser. And I also used the heavy duty detergent in the photo. OH MY GOD, it worked so well it even got the bicycle chain oil out of my pants!

What a nice surprise!

Join me in seeing how much this product cleans and you will be amazed! 🙂

Cleaning Up My Act Pt 1

A lot of people really need to do this, and this coincides with pastor’s message yesterday about fire and people’s need to change as well. The prophet is Elijah. He is meeting with the prophets of the false god named Baal. What happens is anything but ordinary. He instructs them to take two bulls, and offer up a burnt offering to their god. Elijah, he rebuilt the LORD’s altar, and prepared a burnt offering himself. After calling all day long to Baal, and slashing themselves all over, there was no answer from Baal, so Elijah mocked them, suggesting perhaps Baal was working on something, perhaps sleeping, or even using the privy (toilet).

The God who answered was the LORD, not Baal, and he answered with a consuming fire that even burnt up the dust around the sacrifice.

Supernatural fire burns dust, rocks, etc. It is heaven’s solution to materialism, worldliness, and it was also used to guide the Israelites for many years. It was instant, complete, and consuming. It can NOT be duplicated or manipulated.

Do we anticipate or expect the fire? Elijah prepared for it. The fire will fall when the wood is wet. Fire cleans and purifies. That’s what it does to us if we accept it, get rid of the impurities. Fire is not religion or activity or programs, but from building the altar fresh fr=ire from heaven will fall.

See 2 Kings chapter 18.

Wild Ride to Church

On Sunday, I woke up and realized that I only had 45 minutes to get to Church before I was late. My brain kicks in knowing that I am late, and suddenly I’m pedalling along at 20 miles per hour, when I bounced over a bump, and coffee splattered on my cream colored pants. So, now I’m stuck at Church with coffee pants.

Recently I received my package, which contained Snap All Purpose Cleaner, among the items in the delivery, and it says it cleans EVERYTHING including laundry stains. So, I was like “I’ll try it.” I sprayed it on, I let in set in, and ran it through the wash.

I have NO MORE Coffee pants! I wonder how many more things I can clean with this besides pants, window sills, bird cages, and dressers.

Cleaning My House The Easy Way

This may sound like a silly topic, but I have a hard time cleaning my house, while I get most of it done well, some of it is difficult between my lack of time, and I have arthritis, so I need some good cleaners (and some aspirin).

i have really three projects.

Not only do I clean my house, but I try to help at church, AND I help a friend who is in a wheelchair with his dorm room. Those are VERY HUGE monumental tasks, and only ONE cleaner is powerful enough, and LASTS LONG ENOUGH to get me through ALL THREE PROJECTS (and then some). I can clean my house four or five times, plus the church (which is a church of about 100 members)a few times and the dorm apartment a few times on just ONE BOTTLE of SNAP detergents. They’re powerful enough where I only need a small amount, about a tablespoon, of detergent. It REPLACES my Comet, Lysol, Windex, and others and even when I bought those at the dollar store, i’d have to go out and buy them pretty often, now I don’t have to. So, it’s CHEAPER, oh and it saves me time with fewer trips to the store. LOL.